Thursday, 17 February 2011

17th February

Today we started planning our website. Me and charlie together brain-stormed ideas that we have a passion for.  We came to the conclusion that we want to base our charity on dogs. In particular the rehoming of the dogs. We choose this because it is a very current issue and is around us everyday. 

RSPCA- The rspca are devoted to the rehoming of all animals.

Dog Trust- They devote all their time just to dogs and rehoming them.

Dogsos- They devote all their time to the rescuing of dogs in particular.

All these web sites show a love for dogs and ensuring they go to the right home.  Each site has many pictures of the animals in question so try and persuade the customers to adopt. It gives lots of opportunities on the web site to adopt a dog as well.

We have decided to call our charity paw paws. This is a play on words related to dogs. 

11th February

Today i edited my clips in final cut express showing off the school and showing what it has to offer. 

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

2nd February

Today we went off in groups of five to film around the school for our web sites. I filmed a p.e lesson going on in the field, pupils walking around the school and sixth form students socialising  and working during their free periods. We then returned to load the video on to the computer ready for editing.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

28th January

Today we went through a check list of all the work we should of completed so far and to try and get it all finished. This list consisted of:
  1. 1.Creating your blog.
  2. 2.Using a camera introduction
  3. 3.Photoshop your picture/s and post to blog.
  4. 4.Research on four school websites: 400 words short essay.
  5. 5.Survey.
  6. 6.Catchup, including survey, annotated websites.
  7. 7.Draft brief for preliminary site.
  8. 8.Page layout.
  9. 9.Photoshop, first artwork.
  10. 10.Setting up iWeb.
  11. 11.Working in iWeb.
  12. 12.Finish your initial site, and continue in your own time.

    Once fully competed we were to post it onto our blog.

27th January

Today we carried on creating are own school web sites. We used the skills learned over the last couple of days to make out online web site as close to our hand drawn design as possible.

Here is my design still in process:

26th January

Today we were introduced to iweb. This is a very basic application that we would be using to create our first draft online web sites. Using a blank white template we tried to imitate our hand drawn designs on to the computer as best as we can, making slight changes to improve our designs. Some parts had to change due to our lack of technological skills on the computers.

25th January

In todays lesson, we touched up on our photoshop skills trying to improve our knowledge on how to create different effects. we also used the lesson to catch up on any work that we had fallen behind on.

Here I designed a very basic possible idea for the logo for my school:

24th January

In todays lesson we completed our first web site draft. We then spoke about what did and didn't work on the site and how they could be improved. We then gave them to tom Hayward to scan them in to the computers and look as followed:

21st January

Today we made a rough design of our school web sites. We did this by hand on paper. This was so we could get it exactly how we wanted with out having to worry about technology holding us back. My school is to be called "Green Wood School". This was to get us practicing following theme colours, introducing photos and creating links to other pages.

19th-24th January

Today we created our surveys to give to the public. Questions in the survey will be taken into consideration when we come to designing are very own web site. The survey must be answered by people aged 17 - 70. At the start of the survey there is a short table to find out about the customer to help us understand our research and put it to good use.

18th January

Today we researched other school websites. This was to get an insight into other designs for our own. Once we gathered enough information and design stimulus' for our own design we began to generate ideas for what we would like our own site to look like.

Here are some other school sites:

17th January

In todays lesson, we began editing are photos we took in a previous lesson. To do this we went on photoshop, I personally am very new to photoshop so found it hard trying to do the basic commands. After a lot of trial and error, this is the image i produced: